The Montessori Method

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The Montessori Method

Scientific Pedagogy as applied to child education in “The Children’s Houses” with additions and revisions by the author by Maria Montessori translated from the Italian by Anne E. George with an introduction by professor Henry W. Holmes of Harvard University with thirty-two illustrations from photographs Second Edition, New York, Frederick A. Stokes Company, MCMXII Copyright, 1912, by Frederick A. Stokes Company. All rights reserved, including that of translation into foreign languages, including the Scandinavian April 1912

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Montessori X proudly presents this book on Montepedia, as a valuable resource for understanding Maria Montessori and her unique teaching method. We've carefully adapted the text for easy translation into multiple languages. We invite you to read, contribute improved translations, and suggest necessary edits. This effort is part of our larger "Montessori Restoration and Translation Project," aiming to democratize Montessori education worldwide. We're committed to creating open, free, and affordable resources for anyone interested in Montessori Education, fostering authentic Montessori environments globally.

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